Default Touch Bar Config - Quick Question

New Contributor

G'day everyone!

I'm hoping anyone out there with access a touch bar macbook can clarify something for me. I need clarification on what the default selection option is for the "Touch bar shows" option in System Preferences -> Keyboard.

I'm troubleshooting what I believe is a mis-behaving piece of "mandated" software in our environment, and I need confirmation of exactly which option is selected from either a a new out-of-box touchbar mac (or freshly-installed OS). Unfortunately for me I only have limited access to a couple of student BYO devices, so my testing options are limited.. I did try a quick hunt through /System/Library for a relevant plist that might shed light on the situation, but my mac-admin-fu is slipping nowadays, so thought I'd throw this one out to the community.

Thanks in advance!