Definition for Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) wrong version

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We use patchreporting to check the version for FireFox ESR  


But since 78.15.0 Patchreporting is showing a wrong version number for ESR. It is showing the version for FireFox (Non ESR) 

This is quite annoying as we have now a 0% up-2-date score where is should have been 88%.... 


Anyone else seeing this problem ?


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hmm I just looked again at Mozilla and it turns out they are running 2 versions of ESR... 

78.15.0 and 91.2.0. 

I never get it why Software Developers maintain multiple versions (of the same application) 

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There also appears to be a problem with the URLs for the Firefox ESR versions. If you go to the Mozilla website and click your way through to the latest ESR you get a newer version than the one from the direct download URL. This appears to be a known bug that nobody takes car of...