delay software updates by something other than preset amounts?

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I was wondering if it was possible to delay software updates by 14 days via config profile rather than the 1,7,30,45,60,90 option that's currently selectable from Jamf's config profile maker?


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@jwojda As far as i know you can set any amount between 1-90 with an custom plist?

For instance


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@jwojda I would encourage you to check out the following:

As you're finding, the current delay mechanism is insufficient and is definitely not adequate for what admins need. And Apple plans on leaving us with just that as a mechanism for managing updates.

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Have you guys tried jamfhelper delay.
However I m not sure to what extend it can be delayed.

/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/ -windowType utility -description "Please restart now. -button2 "Restart" -showDelayOptions "0, 60, 180, 300" -button1 "Cancel" -cancelButton 1

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As for our needs, I would prefer Apple let us set an iPadOS or MacOS version for school environments.