Delete default Apple ID associated with 10.9 download

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Hello - I am wondering if anyone knows of a quick way to remove the logon credentials associated with the Apple ID that was used to download the Mavericks installation. Essentially, when users attempt to run an OS related update via the App store, my developer's ID is presented to them and they are forced to cancel then enter their own credentials. Thanks for any help.


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I would love to know an answer to this as well.

In the meantime, someone on here pointed to this detailing how to download Apple ID free packages:

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It's stored in the _MASReceipts folder under the application. I'm not sure of the legality or implications to updates but if you delete that folder, it seems to disassociate the app with the user who downloaded it. I've never deployed anything this way but then again I download any app I package from the vendor to avoid this issue.

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@rtrouton Do you know of a way to leverage the os x mavericks .pkg that is generated using your method detailed above, to create an upgrade package in Casper Admin similar to the methodology used when uploading the OS X

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I'd recommend using createOSXInstallPkg for this:


The latest version of createOSXinstallPkg supports installing Mavericks.


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@rtrouton Thank you, I will give this a shot!

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Josaxo how did you go with this process? Were you able to remove the associate apple ID?

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If you download the Mav's installer and run it on a Mac (another Mac) the Apple ID should not matter or show up until you enter one in the setup or the MAS.

I just imaged a Mac using a downloaded 10.9.2 installer:
Went through setup and skipped the Apple ID parts.
Launched the MAS and System updates were there, including iApps.
I did only the System updates (10.9.3, etc) and it required no Apple ID.

We've been using MAS installers for years and have not had issues with that. iApps are a totally different thing.