Deleted Prestage

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Hi folks

Hoping you can help us out.

We have deleted some pre-stages that computers used to use - They we're moved into a new pre-stage.
We had smart groups with criteria based on the name of the pre-stage enrollment name and policies and config profiles etc scoped to the group. For example:

Name: Pre-stage Like 'Staff'
Criteria: Enrollment Method: PreStage enrollment
Operator: Like
Value: Staff

I mistakenly thought that the computers would still keep the record of the name of the pre-stage used in JAMF, and therefore still remain members of the smart group. However it seems that the pre-stage name was removed following the deletion of the pre-stage, and now the 'Enrollment method' property of those machines now just reads 'PreStage enrollment' instead of its old name, and therefore dropping it from the membership of our smart group.

Are there any methods we can use to rectify this?



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@agrant I can't say with 100% certainty without looking at the computer record in the database, but it's very likely it saves the ID of the PreStage enrollment, not the name. By deleting the old PreStage you have forever removed that ID from your database, and creating a new PreStage with the same name will create a new record with a new ID with no connection to your previously enrolled machiens.