Deliver Cert payload without Wifi payload in mobile device configuration profile

New Contributor

Is there a way for me to deliver my organizations certificate for our wifi without configuring the Wifi payload with a configuration profile? 

The reason for this is due to the way our Wifi is configured, I can't preload the $username wild card without requiring the end user to log in every time they connect to the Wifi. 



You should be able to use the Certificates payload and the system will read it and use it where accepted.  However, if you are looking to use the $Username option in a profile - you would want the username in the registration of the device(user & location tab) to match whatever is used by the connecting system.  

Thanks for they reply. 

We do not want to use $USERNAME, because it requires the user to log in every time they connect to the Wifi. 

I've created the configuration profile with just the cert, but users are still getting prompted to trust it. My goal is to have our users avoid having to trust the ert to connect to our wifi. 

With the config profile with both the wifi (test credentials instead of $username) there is no prompt.