Hyperproof Hypersync?

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Hello to all. My Security Team wants to link Hyperproof Hypersync to our JAMF system. Has anyone heard of this and/or have had success getting this to work? I'm providing the link to HH documentation. https://docs.hyperproof.io/admin/en/hypersyncs/connecting-jamf 

Thank you for any help with this. 


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I have never heard of Hyperproof before, but this is really on your security team to figure out. I'd wager it's just an API connection from your perspective. So, you should just provide them with API credentials and assign it the correct permissions to the account.


Once the API integration is setup, I'd assume they would assign you findings that you need to remediate. A finding would be something that is not configured in a way they want it configured, for example standard user accounts having privileged access to the Jamf console.