DEP - Device Enrolment Program help needed please

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Hope someone can help. We have had a colleague leave the organisation and he was the Agent in the DEP portal on his work apple ID and now we need to have it moved to a company apple ID, Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Ive been left to fix the mess as I've recommended that personal Apple ID's should never be used for DEP or VPP


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Have you tried calling your business rep at Apple to see if he can assist?

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Yeah always use generic Apple ID's for everything. Then when this happens all you may have to do is reset a password at the most. Now I'm in education, but when I have an issue with DEP I call 1-866-752-7753 (Apple Enterprise Support). I'm not sure how far you'll get with this number but its worth a shot.

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If this was a work Apple ID, can I assume that it used an email address under your control and a company phone # for two-factor? If so, it should be a simple matter to re-purpose that agent account for the next person in that role.

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Thanks for the responses.

We do have access to the account but i have had to contact apple and try and get the account moved to the Generic Apple ID. This is in progress now.

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@TajChana, did Apple need to change the Apple ID associated with the DEP account? Or was that something you did?

I'm in a situation where I have control of the Apple ID associated with our DEP account, but we want to change it to something more descriptive of what it is actually used for.