DEP Enrollment (Macs) without internet. (for stolen/lost devices)

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I was under the assumption that The Apple Assistance could not continue when there is no active internet connection.

But As I tried this it works ...

So what I was trying to achieve is this: Lets say you have a stolen macbook Pro. It is DEP and it has a PreStage Enrollment. Via Casper we can lock/erase the device. But we want the device to be inoperable so we want to lock/erase the device everytime it will connect to Casper. When you do the setup with internet active it will enroll and all goes just fine.. .But when you do the setup with no internet active the setup assistance will just do the normal steps and the person will have a fully functional device. And as far as I can tell. The device will never enroll (unless wiped manually and installed with active internet)

Anyone care to elaborate on this ?


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On a Mac, you can bypass the internet connection during the setup. Afterward, the user will eventually see notices that the device can be enrolled but the enrollment will not enforce (user has to click on the notification to allow the enrollment). I was originally under the same impression that this would be a more foolproof safeguard to prevent users from re-building their own machines or from a stolen machine being repurposed but that is not the case at this time. I believe it works as you expect for iOS devices though, but I have not tested that scenario.

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So what did you do in the end?