DEP Notify launch Self Service

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We have 3 main builds we use in our environment, all with their own specific VPN/AV/extra apps. To account for these differences, I just created 3 different Self Service policies that will install the required applications. Using DEP notify and the jamf script, I've been able to get the default base install done, but rather than having depnotify logout the user, I want to launch self service to complete any specific installs required. Ideally I'd like it to present the options within DEP Notify and the tech can just select the one they need. In lieu of that if it could launch Self Service and then the techs could find it in SS to complete.



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I would just add

echo "Command: Quit" >> $dLOG
open -a "Self Service"

to the end of the script and set the policy to not reboot the first line should close DEP Notify and the second should open self service.