DEP Prestage enrolment. Apple create account splash screen

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So, I have a prestage enrolment with create an additional admin account setup.
The device communicates and gets configured, however, the standard 'create user account scree' pops up as per 1st run after fresh OS install.

If I quit, I can see the login window with the prestage enrolled user.

Latest OS
JamfPro 10.4.1

Anyone else seen this at all??



Yes, that happened here a few times. I don't have much advice to offer, we really didn't have any luck at all creating accounts like this, so creating the account is part of our installation workflow (less than ideal, but we're just getting started with DEP).

If a zero touch deployment is what you're after, you might even consider dropping the local admin account altogether, or creating it by other means (a policy I'm thinking). A lot of organizations ban them altogether because they pose a decent security risk, but this is definitely a bigger picture item.

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It's actually creating the second account just fine.
If I quit from the spalsh screen, it's there and I can login using that a/c.

Just slightly annoying as it didn't happen in 9101.4