DEP skipped when WiFi is slow

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We recently had multiple people join the network through one Access Point during our Onboarding sessions. So many that the WiFi went down to an unusable speed apparently.

When turning on a selected few DEP enabled devices it went through the setup, including WiFi connection setup, and when it came to the DEP screen where it tries to contact the DEP server it kept trying to do so for at least 15 minutes. We decided to reset the machine and try again. The device was force-shutdown and started again. This time it skipped the DEP enrollment altogether with all of the standard setup screens we disabled visible. The device was never enrolled, even after the initial setup (until we took care of it manually)

I can’t imagine this is the intended behaviour or am I wrong? Any way to tackle this?


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Also saw this several times today. Have also been getting 502 errors on "jamf recon" jobs run manually intermittently this afternoon. I'm not see anything being blocked by our network firewall.

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@leif.ahlgrimm I don't think it's necessarily the intended behavior, but it isn't uncommon. The article Resetting Device Enrollment cache without reinstalling macOS from @grahamrpugh explains how to reset the DEP cache so the Mac will try to go through the enrollment process again.


@sdagley Thanks! That will be handy as we have a score of Macs we might be bringing over from the previous MDM.