Departments getting removed from Mobile Devices

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We are noticing the Departments in User and Location inventory getting removed automatically for Mobile Devices. We manually update the Department in User and Location but it gets removed as soon as the device updates inventory. 

We are not noticing this in Computers. 




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If you have "Collect user and location information from LDAP" selected under Device Management > Inventory Collection in Settings that will change any manually updated user or location data. Computer inventory collection has a separate settings pane so that's why you're seeing this on Mobile Devices and not on Computers.

Thank you @mainelysteve I will check disabling it but we do have the "Collect user and location information from LDAP" enabled for both computers and mobile devices. We are noticing this only in mobile devices.

The departments you've changed on the Macs are the same as the ones the mobile devices were changed to?  Also just to clarify that the spelling of the departments is the same in both Jamf Pro and your directory service?

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Thank you @mainelysteve Disabling the option for Mobile Devices did not remove the department.

Yes the department I am changing are same for Mobile and Computers. We do not have department populated our directory services currently. 

I think this is a bug for mobile devices.

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Do we have anything in Settings -> Global Management -> Inventory Preload? That information would override other changes as it is viewed as the source of truth. 

We do have few devices there but affecting all the devices which are not part of preload as well. Anyway, disabled the "Collect user and location information from LDAP" selected under Device Management > Inventory Collection.

Long term you need to mirror your departments you have in Jamf Pro in your directory service. 

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We are seeing the same issues here.  I have also experienced the ipads removing the serial number as well.