Deploy Apps with user account credentials

New Contributor

I would like to deploy an backup agent (commvault) on all computers managed by our JamfPro solution.

I create the package and the policies and it works fine except that I have to enter my crendentials once it has been installed.

I then wonder whether if it's possible (and how) to integrate a variable ($EMAIL) into the deployement policies of the package in order to configure the installation package with the user credential?



Honored Contributor

I recommend reaching out to Commvault on this. For you to be able to script passing credentials, either the application needs to support that function or you need to be crafty with scripts. Expect can enter data in to dialog boxes, but can be a bit tricky to use. You also would need to have a way to know the users password as JAMF has no idea what that is.


I would say save your headache and reach out to the vendor. They probably have some form of SSO that can be configured. If they don't, consider a different solution which will probably motivate them to work on SSO.