Deploy Hot Corners

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Is there as easy way to deploy single hot corner config , i need disable screensaver when cursor is moved to bottom right corner.




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If I recall right, it is a defaults command in bash.

When I get in to work later today I will look and find it for you. I have it in my saved scripts somewhere.

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Yep a defaults write command. Its a User individual preference, so will need to be pushed to each User account...

/usr/bin/defaults write /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/ wvous-tr-corner -int 6

/usr/bin/defaults write /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/ wvous-tr-modifier -int 0

The last bit is an Integer -int 6 Which will disable the screensaver. You can work these out by setting one and then doing..

defaults read | grep wvous

It will show you the setting that you have just made.

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@PaulHazelden I need to disable hot corners for screen saver but the method above is not working on Monterey ! 

any updated method?

I am using this with Monterey, and it is working.

This article gives more info on the codes required.

Make sure if you run the script as root that you are changing the settings for the User, and that the setting change is given the correct permissions for the User to access them.