Deploy package in prestage enrollment

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I had thought that I heard you can now deploy package with the pre-stage enrollment. Did I hear this incorrectly? If you can, where can you do this?


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Jamf Pro 10.9 will support PreStage Enrollment Packages; this will require the computers in question to be running macOS Mojave; future releases may support older versions of macOS.

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right now you can do it via the following.

When you are first starting up the computer that is in a DEP Prestage Enrollment, during the initial startup process where it designates "Configuration Available"


Once you get past that dialog the Computer is enrolling. Any policy scoped to that computer and flagged to trigger at enrollment, will then deploy to that computer.

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As Hugonaut states, this is where prestige apps, Configs, and settings can be payed down. Utilizing a packaged enrollment script can be useful as well.


Anyone have this working in their environment?

Tried to install a package with just a rename script and didn't work. Not sure where to look to see why it didn't work. Is there log files during this stage?

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A requirement is to have your JSS's main distribution point be in the Cloud (for now...)

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Ditto here to see if anyone has this running yet?

We tried to put JAMF login in our pre-stage and nothing happens.

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Yeah... Also trying to get this thing working but do not see anything happen?
What is the general idea about this? I thought/hoped I could install a package during the enrollment process.
For instance the DEP notifier. This is a package that installs the in the utilities folder.
I have this package attached to my PreStage Enrollment but after enrolling the app is not present in the utilities folder..

Maybe my expectations are false?

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Ah... This seems to be thing I must have been overlooking ;)

"To install a package during enrollment, the package must be signed with an installer certificate (.p12) obtained from Apple using Xcode or the Apple Developer Member Center. "


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@damienbarrett does the repository have to be "jamf cloud" or just web accessible?

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Master DP still has to be a Jamf Cloud DP because... <crickets>

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Is this still true 2 years later? you still need a Jamf Cloud DP?