Deploy Packages to Azure AD Groups

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to deploy some new fonts to a select user base. Was wondering if it is possible to deploy a package to an Azure AD security group. We have the security provider setup and it is able to see the security group when I test the connection. When I try to create a Smart User or Computer group, I cannot find an option to add that security group.

Is this even possible?


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I am wondering the same thing. Not sure if I understand exactly how the Azure AD groups work with Policies and deploying Software.

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@dthompson1 and @pueo To target a Policy to only users in an AD group use a Scope Target of All Computers then add a Limitation for the LDAP User Group you want to target. Note that there have been reports this doesn't work for everyone, so verify with something innocuous in your environment first.

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Thank you so much for helping with this wonderful article.

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Thank you @sdagley . Not really the best way to deploy apps using ADD but if we have to work with what we have.

We were wondering if we can get software deployed using AAD groups via Service Now.

User requests software via SN, that user is added to a ADD group, Jamf sees that group then deploys the software. Seems far fetched but worth digging into.