Deploy VMWare Fusion 8

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I saw in another post there was a deploy vmware fusion.mpkg file that you can put the VM into and a deploy.ini file and all that. I took that file and uploaded to Casper and it goes through and zips as expected, but when I try to replicate it to my test deployment box the replication ends successfully but it's within a couple of seconds. way too fast for a 30gig file.

When I try to deploy it to a test machine through Remote, it ends in failure saying it can't find the file on either my test dp or my main host jss dp.

Casper Admin Sync log doesn't show any errors... just that it copies the file and then goes on to the next one...


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The only success I've had with deploying VMware Fusion with a VM inside is zipping it myself before uploading it to the JSS. And even then it's a big of a crapshoot.

Now we provision VMs through SCCM (pxe boot into SCCM, run task sequence, etc.) for VMs so we don't deploy them this way anymore so I don't know if anything has changed over the past few months.

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I've seen issues with replicating mpkg's before. For me the problems were with replication across filesystems. The easiest way to work around it is to wrap the mpkg inside a DMG, then use a script to install the pkg when the policy runs. Jamf has documented this procedure in the past for deploying adobe installers, so that thread might be helpful for you:


@jwojda i had exact the same issue with you. ppl say wrap the .mpkg in .pkg or .dmg, but i haven't tried it yet, you can do it in composer.

i coped that .mpkg into other computer and install successfully, but the issue i have here is the new vm even has the exact same hostname as the original one. this is not what we want to see.