Deploying Parallels VMs

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So I have a standard VM I would like to distribute through Self Service. Following the JAMF guide and from previous experience, it's a no brainer on how to package this and upload it to our JSS. The problem I'm encountering is that the actual deployment takes longer than actually physically copying it from a file server. I would prefer putting in Self Service, but for now it's quicker for users to grab it from a file share.

What do I need to do to make this faster on Self Service?


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Hi David,

If I remember correctly the PKG provided by Parallels makes it a 1x copy affair, download the PKG and its script would mv the vm into place and register it for all users. If users grab it off a share and put it into /Users/Shared/Parallels then a self service item can set proper owner:group and permissions on the vm and register it for all users. Compromises a little on the self service concept but speeds things up a lot. :) We always forced AFP/SMB on these kinds of deployments, for some reason HTTP took longer and wasn't as reliable.




What about a pre-policy to cache it on the user machines and then you can kick off a self service to finish up?