Deploying VM Fusion 5

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I don't know if anyone has tried this but i've come up with some issues once i've deployed the pkgs created in Composer. The users are prompted with error messages related to missing extensions.

There seems to be a few threads related.

I was wondering if anyone had a workaround for this yet? JAMF documentation hasn't been updated recently to cater for version5.


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I built my VMWare Fusion 5 installation as a DMG package using the standard "Normal Snapshot" method. I've been deploying it for 2 weeks so far with no issues.

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There is a workaround here:

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sample luggage makefile:

this depends on having vmware fusion 5 installed already and dropping the license file right near the Makefile. running `make pkg` produces a nice flat pkg that installs and serializes the app.