DeployStudio - Target Select + Generic = Lost Volume

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Hey everyone,

I know DeployStudio isn't a JAMF product, but I was hoping there was someone on here that may use it, that could help guide me in the right direction.

I had a work flow that consists of:
Target Select > 7 Scripts > Completed Workflow

Now, the problem with this is that after doing the above, the laptop loses it's knowledge of the boot volume - I guess deploystudio is using bless somewhere after attempting to do the above.

All of the scripts work when run on a local machine, and all scripts are set as postponed execution. Setting the Ignore failures checkbox doesn't help one way or the other.

I then broke it down and attempted to use target selector and one generic script, and even that failed. I then rotated through all the scripts and they all experienced the same problems.

This is occuring on laptops from 10.11 to 10.12, and all the logs say everything completed successfully. So I am really lost as to what is going on.


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What version of DSS are you running?

We are running workflows like yours and no issues, but have the script set with the following:

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I don't have a solution so far.
So I have similar issue but it is a problem only for MBP Retina with Touch ID. Other hardware works okay, regardless of which OS is on the OLD Macs, it work well.
I found something which currently I am struggling with. I get different results on old and new Hardware when I run this command:

mount | grep hfs | grep disk0 | cut -c 17- | cut -d " " -f1

May be this is just a good point to start from.

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If your Mac is default , disk0 has 3 partitions: EFI, CoreStorage and Apple_Boot.

The CoreStorage is mounted as an HFS volume on disk1, so I think you are filtering too much.

If you re-partition with DeployStudio, the default is partition setup is different: 3, of type EFI - HFS - Apple_Boot

DeployStudio Wikispaces is very outdated, look on the website for forum, or ask in #deploystudio in MacAdmin slack.

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@mjsanders you are correct. I found the problem. So it is actually the bless command that runs after Workflow is complete. Try this - Once workflow is complete, click on Select other workflow. Then from menu, launch Terminal. Run the bless command:

/usr/sbin/bless --device /dev/disk1 --setBoot --verbose 2>&1

Thats it!!!!
But I am trying to find a way to do this automatically, probably making change inside DS somewhere.