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All the scripts and setup guides I see for DEPNotify involve also having Jamf Connect. We don't use JC and the money people don't want to spring for it. Is there a way to use DEPNotify without Jamf Connect? If so, are there any guides you can point me to on how to get this setup and running? I am hoping to have some sort of visual notification showing people what is going on with their computers as its being provisioned. No matter how many times I tell people, turn it on, sign into the admin account, set the computer aside for an hour...I get a call 2 minutes after they have turned it on for the first time, "Where is Office? I don't see any browsers. Did you do this right? Is the system down?" I'm tired of those calls. Really want a little window telling them what is going on and to prevent them from trying to use the system while things are being configured.


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Hello @kwoodard you do not need Jamf Connect or NoMad at all to use depNotify. Here is a great video from a few years ago - (still holds value) as well as a blog post - .


Jamf also has a starterscript - Hope this helps!.

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But as a community, we need more useful tools for leveraging DEP and communicating what's happening on the screen to end users. ... DEPNotify is a lightweight tool created by Joel Rennich, the creator of NoMAD, that you lay down at enrollment time that shows the user what DEP is actually doing in the background.

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