Deploying macOS Updates in a Big Sur world?

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I feel like we've finally got a handle on application patch management (unfortunately only using Jamf Patch Management for reporting...but that's another thread) and now we're turning the focus toward macOS. With Apple no longer releasing downloadable standalone installers for their OS updates, it sounds like the only way to remotely initiate an OS update is with the softwareupdate Terminal command.

What are other folks doing to keep their Big Sur machines at the latest release? I feel like there's got to be some word from Jamf soon on this since their own Patch Management solution is now totally useless for actual OS updates aside from reporting.


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Im currently just having a policy that includes a notification to update and opens the System Preferences - SoftwareUpdate pane.

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Whats your policy look like? I only have one Big Sur machine in my environment and I need to get it updated.