DEPNotify - Policies failing - "Operation not permitted"

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I am curretnly having issues with DEPNotify on Catalina Machines.
This was not an issue on High Sierra or Mojave.

All the packages are on a SMB share & are failing mount the share and then install packages. We are Jamf Pro 10.17.1.

Having read this article and applied what I thought would resolve the issue via PPPC still has not fixed the issue.

DEPNotify does start but none of applications are installing.
Scripts, FV2, AD Bind all works.

Just as a proof of concept
1. Ran all my custom events locally they work
2. Did a Web enrollment packages apply
3. Installed packages locally worked
4. Jamf Remote also works

If anyone has had any great success with this please do share how you fixed this.




Did you find a solution for this issue?