Device busy, will try again

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Currently using Jamf as a managment solution for iPads in schools. I have licensed Adobe Scan through Apple School Manager and set up the app to push out to all iPads in the school. The specific user who requested the app, her iPad constantly says Device busy, will try again. She's connected to the internet, has been using the device this morning etc. There is no reason why this should be failing to even update the inventory.



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I am still experiencing this even now.


Hello @user-GdxvitgYch

Did you get to the bottom of this? I'm seeing it on quite a few devices, although I haven't proved it yet, my suspicion is that there is an update pending on the device. Interested to see where you got to though.....

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Few things about app deployment...
1) make sure the device is charged to at least 30-33% 2) make sure the device is unlocked (i.e. passcode entered)
3) search for the device in Jamf. Under the Management tab, Send Blank Push, then Update Inventory

As long as the device is connected to an accessible network, where it can reach both Apple and your Jamf server, and it stays unlocked, the app should push to the device. If it does not, restart the device and try again. I've seen poor Wi-Fi also affect app deployment.

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I too am experiencing this on a number of deployed devices. Trying to push out an app update or even a simple inventory command and some of the devices report that they are busy. Haven't found a solution yet.

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Wondering if there is an update on this. We are experiencing this on several devices that we have locked and with them having this message the only thing we can do is wipe the device and start over.