Device compliance migration

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We're rolling this out next week. Anyone have issues and if so, what were they?


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Hi @danlaw777 , how did your migration go? I have been putting it off since there isn't much info for end user experience, etc.

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it went well, even though it wasnt what we were expecting. 

nothing is mentioned, at least not on the main pages, about where the devices report into. we assumed it would be into intune, company portal right?, but nope, they go into entra under the user and their device. you can filter them out in all devices as well. 


we did see a user experience on all devices. not sure if it was because we already had conditional access, or we did something wrong. but each device was required to sign in to company portal. another thing we saw was that we got some weird messages when signing in that first time, something about needing to setup a partner device. since we had, it was throwing us for a loop. the fix was to uninstall company portal and delete the keychain entry, then do a restart, then the sign in worked. 

i should quantify that when i say we, i mean me...


hope this helps someone going forward. and good luck to you