Device Count Exceeded

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Hi there,

When opening the Jamf Pro portal on the notification section (blizzard) I noticed I get the message: Device Count Exceeded
There is an link: Purchase additional devices here but when browsing to the link from the Jamf Pro portal to this address:

I get a 404 error: The URL requested does not exist.
Contact support or your Jamf Buddy to report the broken link.

Only from the Dashboard I can see the software licenses. But I don't think this is the issue I'm looking for. I'll attach some screenshots perhaps anyone knows how I can solve this issue.

I don't think this will effect further enrolling devices but I just want to get this fixed and get the notification solved/gone.

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You should reach out to your account reps

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It never seems to stop the system from working in my experience.
In our case we submitted an annual count of devices and they charged us based on that, but in an environment with thousands of leased machines going in and out numbers tended to jump around a bit when incoming devices overlapped outgoing devices as happened on occassion so we would at various times have that notification showing.


I got this notification and I can easily see how many devices we have. But I can't find anywhere in Jamf Pro what license count we actually own in our account so I can compare that with the number of devices we have. There's probably enough stale devices in the system that were not deleted when a device was surplused to get under our count. But if I don't know what our allowance is, I don't know how much cleanup I have to do immediately.