Device Name in configuration profile logs

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Good Day All!

Please forgive me if this has been addressed somewhere else but I have had no luck finding something that resembled my issue. I'm new to Jamf and would like something clarified and help if I can fix/modify a setting.

I would like to be able to see the name in the configuration profile logs. All I see are iPad/iPad(2) etc. I'm enforcing a serial number policy via prestage and the devices are sticking to the policy but I would like the names to be reflected in the logs for when a new profile change is pushed. I'm attaching pics to show what I mean.

If anyone knows how to change the logs to reflect the device name for my sanity purposes, please help. Thank you!d95d36193a7043758db15e1db6e3f358


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I believe you have to have a User and Location assigned to the device so it forces out your policies correctly.