Device still has Jamf, but lost the record on the IT side

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Hello all,

3 of our devices were supervised and managed, but the Jamf records on our end were deleted while the devices were still active. So the devices still have Jamf on the system, but now phoning home is pretty weird. We were able to restore one of the records, but it appears to be only managed now. On this restored record, we are unable to push any commands or policies to the device that are normally available by default (Lock Device, Send Blank Push, etc.).

Is there any way to get these devices reconnected to our system, or should we bag it and just re-issue new devices to these users?

I'll be checking this all day so please feel free to ask any questions about anything I might have left out. Thanks!


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ABM devices? Pre-stage? tried profiles cmd to re-enrol? 

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You need to reinstall macOS. The trust relationship between macOS and MDM cannot be repaired. There is a warning when deleting a device in JAMF that this action cannot be undone, its a literal warning. Beyond recovering JAMF from a database backup you cannot "undelete" a record.


If you can remove the MDM Profile, you could remove JAMFs Binaries and attempt a user enrollment. I would not use a user enrollment as you don't get full management over the device, but it is an option. If you cannot remove the MDM profile your only option is to reinstall macOS.