Devices not in use - how do you handle them? Delete object?

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In our .EDU environment we have stacks of devices not currently in use.
We typically enroll student devices with a generic account and then mass assign using MUT or manually in Jamf console.

Examples are:
- staff left the organization
- student moved from grade to grade or building to building
- enrollment changed
- and others

Devices which we do not use we erase so they are ready to be enrolled again (typically). We do not erase device from Jamf inventory.

I know this may skew our reporting on device compliance, app install, etc.

How do you handle these situations.


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Personally, if we have equipment that is not in use, but it's something that may get used again, I leave the records in Jamf. I will usually added those items to a static group called something like "Pending Assignment" and then exclude that group from other policies / smart groups / reporting, so that the numbers don't get skewed. For whatever reason, I don't like removing items that we will likely use again, even though it really doesn't matter as long as they are still enrolled in Apple Business / School Manager.