Difference between Self Service web clip and Self Service App?

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We are currently using the web clip for our iOS devices. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using the app instead?


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If you choose to do the Web Clip version of SS that you it will lose beacon functionality and possibly some features within Casper Focus

Also from my experience with working with Casper Focus it heavily relies on the Self Service App for the "attention screen".

With the clip, some of the benefits would be customizing the icon name and icon picture. You can also restrict app updates. It will show that all apps are to up-to-date. I believe also when its a Web Clip the app disappears from the list after you install unlike with the app version it put's a check mark or says reinstall.


I can confirm that the Web Clip only shows apps that are not installed and the Self Service App shows all apps in scope with a check mark next to installed apps just as @baha_khalil said.

Another advantage of the Self Service App is that it will use Categories. We have a lot of apps in Self Service as students are only allowed to install apps from that catalog (by policy not technical restrictions). Therefore, it is nice to be able to organize them by category to make it easier for students to find apps. (Apps can be listed in multiple categories.)

One thing to keep in mind with the Self Service app is that it will not work if a user installs it from the Apple app store or if it is restored as part of an iCloud backup. It needs to be pushed by Casper in order to be installed with the correct configuration. If a user installs it from the app store or it comes back as part of a restore, you need to delete the app then let Casper push it out. This will happen next time an app inventory sees that the Self Service app is not installed assuming you have install automatically set for the Self Service Mobile app enabled under Mobile Device Management > Self Service.

Last fall, I was having a lot of problems with the Self Service Mobile app not working due to it not connecting back to the JSS server properly. As a result, I had the Self Service web clip also deployed by using a configuration profile. That way users could fall to that if the Mobile app wasn't working or to trigger a reinstall of the Mobile app immediately after deleting it. (If Install Automatically is enabled in Mobile Device Management settings, installing anything from the self service web clip will trigger the mobile app to be installed if it is not already.) I'm thinking about turning off the web clip for the upcoming school year as the Self Service Mobile app has been much more stable since the release of JSS 9.65 in March.