Disable multiple desktops/spaces OS 12.4 Monterey

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Hi there, 

I would like to disable the use of multiple desktops on a fleet of Macbook Airs (Monterey 12.4 - M1 chip). Limiting access to Mission Control does not limit the multiple desktop/spaces function. 

I've looked around for scripts but haven't found any that will work and I am not that adept at writing what looks to be a more complicated one. 




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I didn't find any settings in Apple's MDM spec for managing Spaces or Multiple Desktops with a config profile. There is some discussion about using the defaults command to set some of the older Expose´ settings but nothing definitive. Mission Control's settings are definitely managed by ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.spaces.plist but I didn't see any options for disabling it entirely.

I don't believe this is a programmatically manageable macOS setting. Sorry.

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Thanks. I can turn off access to mission control - but that only limits hot corners. it doesn't block the creation of multiple desktops.