Disable share Notes on Notes.app

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Hello 🙂

Students chat with the Notes app. They share their note. Do you know if it is possible to turn off note sharing?

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My understanding is that you must have an iCloud account to share notes, which means you should be able to create a configuration profile that disallows Notes being stored in iCloud. To do this you can set up a Permissions configuraton profile, and then uncheck "Allow iCloud Notes" under the Functionality tab. You may also want to disable AirDrop/other sharing services at the same time should they decide to start doing that instead.

Hello nashenbrenner, thanks a lot, it's exactly what i'm looking for. I actually don't find the line "Allow icloud Notes". Could you help me ? 

I use Jamf PRO and i look in : devices / configuration profile / new / restrictions / fonctionnality - it's the good path ? 



Yes, that's the path I'm finding it under. If on-prem is your server up to date with the latest Jamf install (10.33)?

iCloud Notes Preferences.PNG

Too bad for me.. this rule is for computers, not for devices.. and i don't find the same line for iPad.. thanks anyway 🙂