Disabled Macbook Pro. Try again in 60 minutes

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I have a Macbook Pro 2018 (T2 chip) blocked by find my mac. After enter too many times the pin it now shows "macbook disabled try again in 60 minutes. After 60 minutes shows, wrong pin, try again. I have the firmware password and was triyng to use rEFInd clicking in Option after reboot. It prompts to egi padlock. I put efi password and shows boot options. I select EFI boot to enter rEFInd but it always go back to disabled Macbook screen. I suspect the secure boot is on but i cant turn it of with efi password because cant go to comand + R option. So im stuck in a loop. Any ideas?



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I am having the same issue as above.
But I don't get a chance to enter a pw(?)
My former employer let me keep my MBP and sent remote wipe command through JAMF days ago.
Now it is stuck in a loop of asking for Firmware pw(which I have) and going to web Recovery mode.
After the recover completes and reboots I get a mssg "Your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes".
After waiting the 60 minutes it says "Wrong password. try again" without having input a pw.
At this point only option is click reboot and the loop continues.
Did the Jamf admin do something wrong?
Hope someone can help?

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We are having the same issue.

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Hi guys,

I do have the same problem. I had to lock some laptops, so staff would return and now I have the laptop and I have the same.

' Your computer is disabled. Try again in xx minutes.'

Any luck someone?


Daniel Mateus.

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I do have also the same issue... tried to do a CMD+R and reinstall the MacOS from a pendrive but it will go back to the same screen ' Your computer is disabled. Try again in xx minutes.'

Hoping for any luck.