Disabling Device Enrollment Notification

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We use an outside vendor to image our new MacBooks. I usually create a monolithic .dmg which they use ASR to restore from.
I unknowingly sent them an image from a laptop that was enrolled into out JSS with a prestage enrollement profile. Now this batch has a persistent Device Enrollment notification that the user can skip but cannot mute (it comes on every hour) as their device already has the enrollment profiles installed.
Does anyone have any ideas I can suppress this notification without having to re-image these devices?


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My company recently started with Apple DEP. On those new computers part of DEP, they were getting that notification as well however I did not have a pre stage enrollment profile setup. If the user clicked enroll, it would wipe out all the profiles that were previously installed from casper imaging and during enrollment. I am testing this currently but within your deploy.apple.com account for my company, as the DEP admin, apple allows to unassign the dep computers by serial number. I have moved all my DEP members to unassigned status within dep so my dep computers cannot see my jss. I only have a very small number but at least the notification is gone (at least on my test computer) til I am ready to utilize DEP as a vetted deploy process. Hope that helps.



@zinkotheclown Did you find a resolution to this message issue?
We are experiencing the same thing after using Casper Imaging (TMI) on a certain lab. The users can skip the message but if they click details and then "Allow" the device becomes unmanaged in our JSS.

"Milton School District can automatically configure your Mac based on settings provided by your System Administrator" Cancel or Allow

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My recommendation is that you contact AppleCare for assistance (as I hesitate to publicly post the instructions on silencing DEP prompts).