Jamf Console access through AD Groups

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Hope someone can help..

maybe it is working as designed or maybe I did something wrong.. Hope someone can help me out..

I intended to grant our users access to the Jamf Pro console by adding AD User Groups.

Now, we have different domains like emea.company.org, india.company.org usa.company.org etc. all of which of course have a trust.

I thought of being lazy and created universal groups just in the usa.company.org domain, added my users from the different domains and added these groups to Jamf Pro.

One would think that was easy, but I noticed only the users from the domain usa.company.org where able to logon. to the console.. :/

Ofcourse, creating the AD group for india in the india.company.org and adding the india users gives them the access to the console but that gives me a headache, as I have users from multiple domains needing access to as example Mumbai site resources...

Does Jamf Pro not works with universal groups? if it shut work, what may I have done wrong?

Any help is much appreciated..


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@ChupSuy Sounds like JSS access for AD groups is working for a single domain. Have you tried defining multiple LDAP servers in https://jss.company.com/ldapServers.html ? (There are side effects of having multiple LDAP servers, but it may be worth it in your use case.)