Disallow trust on new enterprise app authors

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We have had some confusion in our patch around students adding additional enterprise trust certificates with the goal of side loading unauthorized apps onto their iPads. As many of you may already know, iOS 9 brought us the ability to restrict the trust of new enterprise app authors, which JAMF supports in the current 9.8x release.

An overview of the new restrictions, as well as a sleigh-full of additional new management features in iOS 9 and OS X, are searchable across video, slides, and the full transcripts of sessions from the WWDC site. Specifically, the ability to restrict app trust is covered in the following presentation and time:


Within Casper, the specific restriction you want to look into is about halfway down the “Functionality” restrictions list. Simply uncheck the option to "Allow trusting new enterprise app authors" to get around sneaky students or surreptitious users side loading apps you just don't want to see there.