disk repair via netboot

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We are looking for the best way to automate the disk repair process (of
the internal boot drive). I did a little searching in the JAMF lists
archive but didn't really find a workflow other than:

Creating a diskless netboot image.

Setting the target machine to boot from it.

While netbooted, executing disk repair via CLI (not sure how to add a
script execution here to the netboot process).

Set boot disk pref back to internal drive.


How would we add/deploy a disk repair script to the netboot image (if
that's the best place for it)?



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I can see this happening a few ways.

1) Create a configuration with a launchagent that runs disk utility
script and set your netboot image to enable automatic log in. Then when
root (or whatever user) automatically logs in the agent will run and it
will run disk utility.

2) wrap up your script in an apple script and make it an app and it
add it to the start up items for that user and set auto login to enabled

3) Use automator and launch an automator option

Options 2 and 3 could be required for user interaction, where as option
1 would be automated.


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Automating disk repair seems a bit scary.

If the disk needs repair it should have a tech look over it.

We have an emergency boot for this, this has disk warrior and other tools.

You could go the automated route, but I shy away from auto logins.