diskwarrior or equivalent


I was looking to purchase a new copy of Disk Warrior, but their web page seems antiquated. Are people still utilizing disk warrior? If not any suggestions for similar programs?




Antiquated web site or not, DiskWarrior still works great. It has saved my bacon a number of times over the years. Latest version supports Sierra.

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I still use Disk Warrior. It's still great for the things it's useful for. Quicker than a full reimage for boot issues / fixing overlapped files.

The site is indeed antiquated, but I bought a copy of Disk Warrior 5 while ago from it and it was fine. I can say this, it says you can buy it locally at The Mac Store (Local Northwest AASP), but Simply Mac took them over like 2 years ago.

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This Is a perfect example of a company that puts their money into their product not their marketing... as a tech guy this is a breath of fresh air!

DiskWarrior 5 (and the tech support that comes with it) is unmatched at dealing with drive issues. I presume Al Dion is putting his company's focus on getting himself ready for APFS as quickly as possible for newer OS's or at least I hope so. It works great though with current HFS+ based filesystems and even the latest 10.12 operating system.

If Al would ever read this: keep your money in this great product. You folks don't need to advertise/market too much because the good name/experience/quality of your product is all that tech people really need!

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+1 DiskWarrior. Masterful product.

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+1 for DiskWarrior! That program has saved me so many times!

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And another +1 for DiskWarrior. Seriously, This utility has been a constant companion for years and years. Don't worry so much about the site. Their products are always up to date and always support the latest OSs. This is on top of continuing to support their products for older OSs and Hardware types!


Thanks all, I used it a lot a few years ago, I wasn't sure if the software was still in devolvement. I'm going to order it, thanks for the input.