DisplayLink and using PPPC Utility to auto grant accessibility use


Hey folks

So we have a new port replicator for USBC laptops that my company wants to be universal, to the extent that have packaged the drivers, realised it had kernel module so added them to our increasingly growing kext whitelist mdm but now wants user permission to the accessibility system for proper displaylink via airplay.40a593c43ca24f149dcf9fdd92f95c1b

So using the PPPC utility i can quite happy just do a quick MDM has nothing else we have needs the user prvicy settings (yet) but i dont get the signing as im not a develoiper

Do i need to wait until we upgrade to a point when signing, or is there a workaround to sign it locallty using jamf's sytem ahead of time??



I can't answer your question, but I had a question for you. When using this, I assume it was successful and if so, will it check the box next to the App in Accessibility? Trying to get this to work for Google File Stream and MS Office Real Time Presence.



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You don't have to sign the profile if you are using Jamf Pro, as it will sign the profile when you upload it. Signing the profile might be necessary if you are distributing the profile outside of Configuration Profiles in Jamf.

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@L-plateAdmin @Mike_Meyers in my experience, if you’re whitelisting anything with accessibility, you need to add an AppleEvent for your target app to control System Preferences. This “checks the box” for you.