Distributing iBooks to iOS Devices

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Distributing Apps through VPP has been a breeze since the update. No Apple ID required is a huge lift, thank you self service. Now we still have some teachers wanting iBooks for there class. Is there a process to push iBooks without the client having to input an Apple ID. What is the simplest way to distribute these iBooks without the client having an Apple ID on there device; whether it be an iPad or MacAir....?


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I'm not sure if posting a "me too" response is helpful here but I've also been tasked with pushing iBooks to our iPad carts for the beginning of the school year and we need to do it without an Apple ID. Looking forward to a quick answer to this question as we start school in a few weeks.

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I don't believe it's possible to push books without apple ID.

Apple KB

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Books from the iBooks Store can not be assigned to a device. They must be assigned to a user. This will require the user to have an Apple ID (either personal or managed) and accept a VPP invitation. Licenses for books are also not revocable. Once they have been assigned to a user, they are permanently associated with that user's purchase history.

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You have to assign the licenses to a user. Ibook licenses are none transferable once they've been assigned. I read this is what the authors wanted and isn't something apple has done on purpose.

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Puzzled by this, because I just pushed a number of books to devices without an AppleID. Using JAMF 9.6 with VPP by device. Devices are in static groups, iPad 4s with iOS 10.02 installed.

Purchased the "free" books through Volume Licensing, and then used Mobile Apps -> eBooks to scope them out to the group.

Also did not use Self Service, instead had them automatically pushed out to the devices.

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I would guess that if you looked up that content with Search VPP Content you would see the books assigned to the users of those devices.