Distributing VPP apps

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I've been searching but can't seem to find a solid answer on the forums here: What is the easiest way to distribute VPP purchased apps?

We have a 1:1 deployment of iPads that we purchased Pages and iMovie for and would like to be able to assign a license while the students are enrolled and get that license back after they graduate. The Apple Engineer I spoke with said that was possible, but could not go into details of how to do it within JAMF itself.

When I looked at setting this up myself, I go into the Apps section and select an App Store app. the next part gives me the option of uploading a spreadsheet of codes, but no VPP Token. I haven't tested this yet so as to not waste a license, but a video from JAMF shows that the code can be redeemed in Self Service on an Ipad, but is that code able to be returned through JSS management or is it redeemed to the Apple ID signed into the Ipad at that moment?

Also if anyone has any good practices for setting up accounts for VPP facilitators that would be more than welcome.


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From what I understand, JAMF is working on an upgrade to their product to support the new distribution model utilizing the VPP token. Take a look at https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=8905 for some further discussion.


We have successfully used the app portion of JSS with both free and paid apps. We added the free app, chose who we wanted to distribute too and then it was pushed out to the self-service icon where they could install the app.

We also did the same thing with paid apps where we did upload the spreadsheet and then the app was pushed out to self service and the students actually had to go into the app store and install the app via the redeem option. There wasn't any token involved in that.

The only time a token is involved is with using "managed licenses" with the VPP program.