Distribution Point - Update Now


Is there a way to force an immediate update of a and/or the distribution

I determined I can set a schedule for the next available 15 minutes, but
that kind of seems like a hinky way to do it - I was hoping there was a
button I could push somewhere.

If the only way to do it is to change the schedule to the next closets 15
minutes, does that over-write the previous schedule?

I assume it doesn't create two schedules?

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update of what exactly? You can use casper remote to hit a machine instantly. Are you updating policy, packages, inventory, what?

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In Casper Admin you can right-click on the distribution point and select 'sync' to instantly sync that distribution point. I look at the schedule as more of just a way to make sure everything is the same at 4 in the morning.


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When I set a schedule to sync a remote Distribution Point, even for hours
later in the day, it starts syncing automatically. Don't know if it is
supposed to but that is what I've seen. I use Casper Admin to sync on
demand though.


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I have mine set to sync every day at 1AM. I do manual syncs after adding a package or a script. I have 5 xserves and about 10 mac minis acting as distribution points, and WAN traffic can be slow at times.

I wish there was a way to do asynchronous synchronizing so you could pick and choose what distribution point got what packages, because our older PPC based images and packages only need to run off of like 2 of the distribution points out there. *COUGH* Feature Request! *COUGH*

The rest of them need the newer intel based images and packages.

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I've seen the same here. If you go in and check processes you'll see rsync
fire off right away after setting a replication time.

That's something to be aware of if you are setting up Distribution points
while you are imaging some machines too!

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I'd love something like this because I use an "Extras" folder in the
CasperShare that has Testing/Restore images and BootCampu images. Some
schools would need them but not all. JAMF support suggested looking at
the plist on the remote share. I haven't had time to look at it yet

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This certainly would be very helpful. We have over 50 distribution On 2-Oct-08, at 12:41 PM, casper-request at list.jamfsoftware.com wrote:
points. Many of them need very different package lists, but right now
we have to send them all the same set. Being able to pick and choose would be helpful.

Do many of you find the new automatic scheduling of package replication works well 6.0x ?

I tried it once, but it seemed to be a bit problematic.

There is also a feature where you can click a button to have it correct the permissions on any distribution point.
It propagates those permissions down throughout the share point. When I tried this it seemed to mess up the permissions on
the share point. In fact later on after fixing those something seemed to mess these permissions up again. Very odd. I haven't
seen anything like that until we move to 6.01 from 5.x

Another issue with the scheduled package replication. I can't seem to find any logs about what transpired. Did it sync anything ?
Was it successful ? Were there problems ? There doesn't seem to be any logs about it. There doesn't even seem to be any generic rsync
logs that I can find.

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