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So i have a problem mostly with G5s since they have 2 nics. When imaging with casper I enter search domains under the network tab which works great except when some one switches the plug to the 2nd nic, the machine then fails to resolve DNS names for certain domains, including the one my casper server resides in. The machine then loses the ability to contact the server, and the machines fails to see any policies or tasks that it should perform. I was wondering if it's possible to either add the ability to configure the 2nd nic within casper or to edit the main jamf.conf file to point at the fully qualified domain name, I can change the jamf.conf file on the user's machine but then when I touch it with casper, casper knows it's been messed with and replaces it with a fresh copy bringing me back to 0. I was thinking about pushing the pref file that contains this info, but it has mac address info in it and I'm not sure if that will mess things up or not. Any ideas??


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The best practice is to use fully qualified domain names when using Casper. When you set the DNS name when first launching Casper, or set it in the Casper Preferences, Casper uses this name to create the configuration file on the client.

To reset the configuration files on the clients to use the fqdn, perform the following:

  1. On the machine you run Casper on, set the DNS Name field in the Preferences (Casper > Preferences) to the fqdn.

  2. Run Casper on all your machines (nothing selected but the machines, click Go). This will set the clients configuration files to the name you set in Casper's preferences.

You will also need to change to configuration files on your boot systems. This can be done with Casper Remote for Restore partitions, or by updating your Netboot images for Netboot.

Please let us know if you have any further questions on this issue, or need more detailed instructions on updating boot systems.



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