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I would like to see the model identifier (keep model name as well) in the JSS. anyone else? ![external image link](attachments/3c57963254c34beba8f3074305596f40)![external image link](attachments/aa059015e54d40deb259fc39cd530e82)
Is anyone out there using proxypass lines in httpd.conf to forward regular apache port 80 requests to the jss tomcat port 8443 or 9006? if so how's it working? if not, is there a better way? also, is anyone running multiple tomcat webapps on their js...
Is anyone noticing a long delay at log in when using casper for managed prefs? It's only when connected to a network that does not have access to the JSS. When the machine can hit the JSS, log ins are quick and normal, same when not connected to anyt...
I'd like to be able to view what Smart/Static groups a computer/user belongs to by searching for them in inventory then clicking details. Anyone else? Or maybe I'm missing something thats already there. eric winkelhakemundocomwwoffice 312 220 1669cel...
anyone know how to cancel out of a policy if certain criterea aren't met?? for example, i want to run a script at the begining of a policy that checks if anyone is logged in and if so terminates the policy's execution. it would NOT, however, log that...