Does anyone implement Jamf pro Laps?

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I recently updated my Jamf Pro instance to the latest version, but I am unable to locate the Jamf Pro Laps feature. Can anyone provide guidance on how to set it up?


The "Jamf Pro API Changes and Enhancements" section has been updated since the initial publishing of these release notes to clarify information in a note about how the local administrator password solution (LAPS) feature works with a secure token.


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I think LAPS is still considered to be in preview. I was going to look in to it but decided to wait until JAMF finishes with the feature. The endpoint is "local-admin-password".




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The new Jamf LAPS feature only exists in the API right now, so there's no "GUI" feature for it just yet. Hopefully that will come at some point in a near future update. I'm very interested in using it myself.

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There is a app on github I have found for it to get the password


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If I turn this on, I guess is on for everyone right? I can't pick which Pre-Stage it applies to.