Does JAMF think we're idiots?

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heck this article they posted:

Total cost of ownership: Mac versus PC in the enterprise | Blog (

That final "Total Cost of Ownership Graph" graph is just atrociously misleading. Maybe they should invest in some Excel to create actual graphs.


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Metrics from some large companies like IBM and SAP has shown the same results: that when offering a choice of platform to the end-user, their productivity rate increases and support costs decrease.

However, I do agree that these charts are more artwork than chart.

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They're simply visualizations of the concepts they are discussing. What exactly is misleading about them?

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I don't normally toss around accusations, but in this case, let me just say that the person who posted this appears to be nothing more than a troll (happy to be corrected if this is wrong) I say that because I searched for their user account and it says they joined on 4/7/21, but when I click on the account name I get a 404 error. So they don't even exist anymore apparently? No previous posts we can see. No profile to look at. Either there's an issue with JamfNation, or they deleted their account after posting this. I can't be sure which it is, but it's suspicious.

Regardless of the above, I agree that this is being rather nitpicky. The article references actual data from large firms like IBM that made a large scale switch or rollout of Macs to show how their support costs went down. There are plenty of things to criticize Jamf about, but this isn't one of them. This is just talking about how Macs in general can lower support costs. Jamf themselves are not making any claims about themselves other than that they make an MDM that can help manage those devices.

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@mm2270 I agree!!!! not in love with the word "criticize", would prefer "work with" : )

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We should also consider the Systems Administration savings as well, not only for the company but for the employees as well!

For example, Binary & Pathing, I myself have considerably less headaches now that im using a unix based terminal instead of dos & forward slashes instead of back slashes, Think of all the $$$ saved! No more excedrin! Thanks Apple!

user-WLaKsBSNVD = troll lol

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I think the IBM and SAP number are very conservative, but I didn't have the heart to push my org when IBM 1st showed them... also in a few different orgs I have seen people that think they are number/facts/data driven but when they see the number/facts/data they don't like "it can't be true" and don't want to act on them.... I think if were to start with the IBM number and really dig in to all the hidden costs ... you would almost mandate macOS or iOS.