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How can I add the Download for the AD User in the Dock? We running the macOS version 10.12.

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By default, the macOS places that in the Dock of the logged in user.
Is that what you're referring to?

You can use Casper Admin to add that (make sure it's in your Dock before you load Casper Admin) using "Add Dock Items" on the top icon bar. Select the Downloads folder and go forth...

Create a policy with that.

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Good question @ICTMuttenz and answer @scottb ,

Let me go one further. How can I write it into the Casper Configurations Profile Dock items so that they cannot remove it. Sierra does put it in the dock but they can drag it off and remove it. Whereas the items I put in Dock Items cannot be removed. I would like to change it to be a non removable item. What is the text line to use for a logged in users ~/Downloads folder? I've tried most every combination I could think of.

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