Downloading Self Service on iOS 11

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Downloaded iOS 11 on a few iPads to see how it worked, and Self Service will not download. Asks for sign in to iTunes. Anyone else getting the same issue and know a workaround? 011b19b31dd44080947c07d303146d00


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@avargas From my understanding you need to update your JSS to the most recent version. The older version broke device based app assignment.

There is another discussion here:

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I am also having the same issue. I am on 9.101

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@avargas You have to go to your JSS and modify the self service setting. Go to global management > Mobile Device Management > Self Service and change the install automatically setting to 'Neither (manual installation)'. Then in your app settings for self service input the following information under the app configuration tab:


Also make sure you enable 'ASsign VPP content' for the self service app to ensure its purchased via your VPP program

Can see more information here: