Duplicate Extension Attribute in Patch Management

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Hello All,

I have two patch management sources, one for Apple Silicon/Universal applications and one for Intel applications.  When I attempt to populate them both, I receive a popup that the software title cannot be configured because the extension attribute already exists, rename the existing extension attribute to continue.  The JAMF Pro documentation says the same thing, to rename the extension attribute.  I cannot determine how to do this.  When I go to extension attributes, the patch management attributes provided by Jamf are not accessible to change.  Is it possible modify these or am I going in the wrong direction?  I appreciate any guidance.  


Duplicate Extension Attribute.pngPMEA.png


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I have the same issue. I wonder why Jamf didn't provide a solution for patching Intel and Apple architecture.

If the package is not universal or the patch manager uses an extension attribute, you are lost...